Monday, July 4, 2016


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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zambian heat...

Really wears on you!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Church at our house!

Hey guys!!   This Sunday was a special one, because the whole church came to our house!  It was awesome!  We sat on camping chairs or on blankets, sang some songs, and daddy preached!  It was really fun!  Before the service all the kids played American Bulldog, and one time, when dad was it, I was the last one to be caught, so I was it.   There was a very close call.   Many people were stuck in the middle, not to far apart.  There was no other way but between them, so I ran full speed thew them, and I just made it!  After the service, we had some snacks, and then the kids played a game of Capture the Flag!  Boys against girls.  We tied.   Well, it was a crazy Sunday!  But fun!


What you see on a drive around town

This first pic is a thing you always see! People just hop in the back for a
free ride! Not the safest way, but cheap!

The second picture is a picture of Zambia's collage grounds.

The third picture is a picture of a mini bus. People cram into these buses,
and I mean cram! You can't go a day without seeing one!

#4 is a picture of our property from the outside. The purple wall is ours.

5. Mwape! He is always there to open our gate when we get home!

Well, that's a summary! Catch more later!

Whats wrong with the sign #3!

This one is easy!